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Megan Stahl is a Filmmaker based in Astoria, Queens.  She discovered her passion for filmmaking at a young age when she would steal her Mom’s camcorder to create her unique short films. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Film Production and studying Directing at the MET Film School of Berlin, Megan started her career as a Production Intern at Billboard and DCTV. Having the opportunity to meet and work with documentary filmmakers brought her to the realization that she was driven by social justice projects and passionate about telling real and authentic stories. 


She has carried out this vision by taking on projects that at their core, value these ideals. Some examples include working on the camera and editing team for the 50th anniversary of Pride NYC, being the DP and Editor for Our Steps Foundation, shooting for Times Square Arts, and joining the production team for Raising Baby Grey.  

Megan has recently Directed the web series Crashed and is currently Directing a documentary based on her family farm. Although Megan devotes most of her time and energy pursuing her career in film, she does enjoy traveling to new places across the world, cooking and hosting friends, and going to a nearby ocean to float in.


734 - 828 - 7318

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